I am writing this blog post from my phone. I would like to say I hate the iphone, like I once did, but it has to be the best thing ever invented. Well that is not what I actually believe, I think the wheel has to be the pinnacle of the human invention..

Attending tonights lecture on Neo-liberal State Building and Western “Democracy Promotion”: the case of Georgia has proved to be very valuable. I have seen an aspect of democracy building from a country perspective I have not considered before. Looking at the role of NGOs, international and national organisation in Georgia and realising what power and influence they have on the role of the government, economy and the promotion of democracy.

The lecture was as informative as the discussion after, in a more social and therefore informative, environment. I wonder if this setting is more cohesive to a discussion, based in an atmosphere where the pressures of the acoustics within a large lecture hall, or even a small intimate class room, could drown out your very intellectual and thought provoking point.

What is democracy? Who has the right to impose there thoughts and practises on another society? Who is to say what is right and what is wrong? Maybe through trial and error “we” can say we know best?