The whole business with fragile states got me thinking about the world in which we live. I notice myself making more of an attempt to be positive, but the more I learn the more I realise that this is a difficult task. Out of curiosity I searched the net for images that changed the world and through this research I came across some of the most horrific images my sensitive eyes have ever seen. Most of these images are from fragile states or conflict zones; however there is a few that represent achievement and progress. I am fascinated by the power of photography and this appreciation has now extended so much further since seeing the pictures that changed the world. Like the saying goes “a picture has a thousand words”. I am positive about the world in which I live, a world where I am able to explore new things every day, I am in a valuable position because I can extend my knowledge further, so far in fact, that I can (hopefully) can be of some use one day. The hardest part when seeing these images, reading newspapers, seeing the news is the feeling of not being able to help, to be just another member of the audience. I want to highlight the fact that although some of these images are heartbreaking, they are also what connects us to the situation and what reminds us that we are useful, even if just as the audience, because changes can and sometimes do happen.