Recently I worked with two others to organise an event for International Women’s Day. I felt it was very important for something to be done in Birmingham to shout about that fact that women were being celebrated around the world. We picked up our metaphorical pen and paper and emailed each other ideas which were later narrowed down to a list of great female comedians and a wonderful venue.

I feel that this is an important day, not because I want to burn my bra or to show off to the male species that women are so great, because to me this isn’t something we need to shout about anymore. Well, at least not here within our wonderful little island. I feel it is important due to the unfortunate reality that this is not the case in other parts of the world. I have to say I hate all the chat about the oppressed women in other countries, I wish ‘they’ would just give it a rest. BUT how can anyone give it a rest when it IS a daily problem. We know that women are strong and women are more than capable of farming for an entire village, if we don’t know this then we should be paying more attention to the women around us.

Although we know the power of the women, we also know the weakness of a woman. Sadly women have been, and continue to be, oppressed and suppressed because of their vulnerabilities.

If a woman is not educated then she does not know she has the ability to read and write. If a woman is not educated then she does not know that she can teach her children.

If a woman is not educated then she does not know how to prevent her children from disease.

If a woman is not educated then she does not know how to prevent her children from dying.

Sadly, sometimes a woman’s body is treated as a source of pleasure and a route to exercise power. I refer to rape, I refer to physical strength and I refer to control.

An uneducated tongue is a quiet tongue. But do not confuse my use of the word quiet to mean weak because that would be taking all the control away from the control she maintained.

To live a life of oppression must require a level of self control and strength because how else could anyone face such a life? The strength of the women that farms for a village should be seen in the same way as the woman that has her body used as property.  The body is her oven for her child’s growth, her milk for her child’s food and her arms for her child’s comfort.

When you see a women that is uneducated and beaten do not see her as weak but as a source of strength.

This is the reason I wanted to celebrate women, because the woman is everything and we could not be here without her.